We invest in
highly scalable
SaaS products
with potential
to transform

Founders we work with bring a fine balance of new-age technology expertise, comprehensive knowledge of domains they are working in, and proven experience in execution at scale!

Our participation is in early-growth stage, typically in companies with a proven product-market fit i.e., a commercial validation of the value proposition. We prefer healthy unit economics where capital enables scale and expansion to new markets.

Investment Thesis

Thematic Investments that enable meaningful business impact at global scale

We like businesses with high capital efficiency and strong resilience to macro-economic shocks. They scale basis recurring revenue models that enable stickiness and better value realization per customer.

Our investments are in software businesses catering to enterprise users, across financial services, retail, logistics, healthcare, and select sector-agnostic opportunities.

Scalable Technology
Cloud-based; automated; AI/ML-enabled
Recurring Revenues
Easy to adopt SaaS business models
Large Market Opportunity
Designed for global market scale
Category Leadership
First mover or fastest mover

Enterprise SaaS

Over the last 5 years, Enterprise Software-as-a-Service (Enterprise SaaS) companies such as Zoom, Salesforce, Shopify, Twilio, among numerous others, have delivered over 800% in total returns at an annualized IRR of over 65%.

The Enterprise SaaS companies have significantly out-performed the well-known internet consumer companies like FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google), that have delivered about 300% return in the same duration.

We believe Enterprise SaaS will continue to post consistently high double-digit growth for years to come, by creating new markets and garnering market share from traditional technology companies.

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The Enterprise SaaS economics is a proven goldmine of opportunities for investors, as is evident from the performance of our CGES Index* that has beaten the NASDAQ since inception.

*Note: CGES Index measures the performance of Top 30 Global Enterprise SaaS companies